A Church Fully Alive

In the Diocese of 

Guiding Values


In imitation of God, engaging all with a generosity of 
mind, heart, and action.

Christian Love

Recognizing the dignity of every human person and responding with the love that each deserves as 
a child of God.


Encouraging and inviting persons into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and forming and nurturing these relationships.


Being the best stewards of the mission entrusted to each of us through our commitment to perform at the highest standards in all we do.


Forming Disciples

Helping people to grow to their full maturity in Christ based on a rich and deep understanding of Scripture and Tradition. It touches marriage and family, adult and child, leadership and discipleship, and community.

Inviting Others to the Faith

Spreading the Joy of the Gospel in both word and deed to the faithful, to those who are not living their baptismal call, and to those who have never known Jesus Christ.

Disciples in Action

Living out our Baptismal call and modeling Christ’s love as we serve the poor and our neighbor in need.