St. John Catholic School Curricula Overview

The educational program centers on research to lead student learning. St. John Catholic School expands the learning environment, emphasizing innovative teaching and learning, maximizing academic achievement for all students, and promoting high expectations for the school community to become responsible, productive, lasting learners.

St. John Catholic School’s academic curricula exceeds Florida State Department of Education standards, and instruction is based on the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee educational benchmarks.

St. John is one of the three schools in the Diocese to pilot the integration of a classical liberal arts education into our curriculum. 

The students at St. John are challenged and stimulated through the Core Knowledge® curriculum. Starting in Kindergarten, students receive accelerated instruction in math, reading, and spelling. After students achieve skill mastery in reading, instruction focuses on unabridged classic literature, literary analysis, grammar, and composition. We use the Saxon Math program for math instruction. The Shurley Method teaches strong grammar skills. We emphasize writing in all grades and content areas. We expose students to Spanish in grades kindergarten through eight.

Students who graduate from St. John are strong readers, mathematicians, English grammarians, public speakers, Spanish speakers, logical thinkers, and disciplined learners. They will have solid common knowledge of American and world history, geography, literature, physical and life sciences, and the fine arts.

St. John Catholic School embraced the flexibility of a Parochial school system to redesign the school structure. The structure of extended time for core subjects, paired with the ability to work above grade-level is aligned with the school’s mission to maximize achievement, improve motivation, and increase safety. Access to technology provides content linked to student interest, motivation, and aptitude.

Reading/Language Arts

We teach grammar using the Shurley English Method in grades 1-6. Shurley teaches vocabulary, mechanics, usage, editing, and sentence work skills. Students recite grammar jingles and analyze sentences using question and answer flow. They become competent writers by first understanding sentence structure, then by writing paragraphs. They eventually write essays, reports, and letters.

Upper grades will also be given the opportunity to participate in book clubs and creative writing classes as an elective period.


St John uses the Saxon Math program, which encourages investigation and problem solving, mastery of basic operations and concept application, which includes place value, measurement, time, graphs, fractions, decimals, money, algebra and geometry. The middle school math curriculum provides students with math skills necessary for successful living in society. Advanced students in grades seven and eight are placed in Pre-Algebra or Algebra classes. Graduates from the advanced program may be placed into Algebra I Honors or Honors Geometry in area high schools’ advanced programs.


St. John’s Science program follows both the [State Next Generation Standards and the National Science Foundation Standards]. These are blended into STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) units that allow students to connect essential concepts. We apply these standards through real-world problem solving, and extra-curricular programs such as our Robotics Team and Drone Piloting.

From kindergarten to eighth grade, students will touch upon each of the various natural sciences multiple times.  At the conclusion of the student’s course of studies in eighth grade, he or she will have met the major theories forming the basis of the sciences to be covered in high school, forming a foundation for Earth Science (comprising Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, and some Astronomy), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Technology.


Each grade level focuses on a particular ancient civilization.

Religion / Faith Formation

In shaping our Catholic identity, the teachers of St. John Catholic School join with parents, the primary educators of their children in faith development and religious education. Our Religious Education features:

  • Scripture ~ Daily integration with school life
  • Prayer ~ Daily integration with school life
  • Service ~ Class and School-wide Projects of Community Outreach
  • Sacramental Preparation ~ Provided for families who are guiding their children through the Roman Catholic Rites of Initiation. For more information, Contact, Charlotte Dickey, the Coordinator for Faith Formation
  • Celebration of the Eucharist weekly ~ Students and Faculty attend Mass every Wednesday for prayer and worship.


Spanish is taught in grades kindergarten through eight with an advanced level available in middle school. Students study vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing as well as dialogue.


Our Arts programs fosters an interest in and appreciation of music through band, song and movement, and art expression. Art is integrated with Literature and History in every grade level and explores various periods and world artists. Collaborative learning takes place by students participating in field trips and celebrations.

Physical Education

The Physical education curriculum develops fine and gross motor skills and fosters sportsmanship and team building. St. John also offers an intermural style sports program for grades K4-Grade 5 including flag football, basketball, and soccer.


St. John School provides quality Catholic education within a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment. The integral use of technology accommodates this mission. Technology is not just taught… it is used to teach!

Following the renovations to be completed by August 2019, the school will be equipped with a 21st century media center with MakerSpace interactive areas for hands on exploration and discovery. Students will have access to iPads to use in class, as well as a fully equipped technology lab.

The school website includes general information, communication from administration and teachers, and a gallery of activities and events. In addition to our general website, we use PowerSchool, an online service, to post grades and progress reports for parental access. We also use Edmodo, where parents and students alike can access homework assignments and current grades.

Academic Formation Highlights:

  • High Academic standards
  • Classical Education Model
  •  Enrichment and Resource Programs
  • State of the Art Science and Computer Labs
  • Foreign Language (Spanish)
  • Art and Music Programs
  • Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation
  • Florida State Certification
  • Teacher ongoing educational programs
  • Maker Space Media Center