St. John Catholic School Curricula Overview

The educational program centers on research to lead student learning. St. John Catholic School expands the learning environment, emphasizing innovative teaching and learning, maximizing academic achievement for allstudents, and promoting high expectations for the school community to become responsible, productive, lasting learners.

St. John Catholic School’s academic curricula will provide appropriate instruction based upon the state’s frameworks, course descriptions, and a combination of State and National Standards prescribed by the Florida State Department of Education and the Florida Catholic Conference.

St. John Catholic School embraced the flexibility of a Parochial school system to redesign the school structure. Using suggestions offered by top educators, the school addresses the needs of students in each demographic group to make a difference in outcomes. The structure of extended time for core subjects, paired with mentoring, is aligned with the school’s mission to maximize achievement, improve motivation, and increase safety. Equitable access to technology provides content linked to student interest, motivation, and aptitude.

Reading/Language Arts

The reading curriculum, based on Florida Standards, adopts resources and practices that lead students to develop proficiency in reading, to access materials in all content areas, to access both paper-based and digital print easily, to successfully communicate ideas, and to achieve their own future goals.  Informational text is expanded with supplemental materials.

St. John students explore writing across the content areas and are assessed with school-wide writing exercises that are scored with a 6+ Traits Writing Rubric.  All students, all grades will participate in writing exercises through out the school year.

Upper grades will also be given the opportunity to participate in book clubs and creative writing classes as an elective period.


The math program encourages investigation and problem solving, mastery of basic operations and concept application, which includes place value, measurement, time, graphs, fractions, decimals, money, algebra and geometry. The middle school math curriculum provides students with math skills necessary for successful living in society. Advanced students in grades seven and eight are placed in Pre-Algebra or Algebra classes. Graduates from the advanced program may be placed into Algebra I Honors or Honors Geometry in area high schools advanced programs.


St. John science follows both the [State Next Generation Standards and the National Science Foundation Standards]. These are blended into STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) units that allow students to connect essential concepts.

Social Sciences

In Social Studies, students learn about family structure and celebrations, communities, map reading, generations and traditions, Native Americans and geography. Intermediate and middle school social studies curricula go through the study of local, state, and national communities of the past and present. Students study geography, history, government and natural conservation. Content areas are world history, geography and American History.

Religion / Faith Formation

In shaping our Catholic identity, the teachers of St. John Catholic School join with parents, the primary educators of their children in faith development and religious education. All students in grades K5 through 8th will be guided through lessons from Be My Disciples, the Catholic catechism text for religious education. Be My Disciples emphasizes learning and practicing the skills and habits, virtues and spiritual gifts that lead young disciples to higher levels of moral thinking. The program fosters individual and communal prayer and worship, leading to a life of service, living Christian values, and sharing the Good news of Jesus Christ. Religious Education features:

  • Scripture ~ Daily integration with school life
  • Prayer ~ Daily integration with school life
  • Service ~ Class and School-wide Projects of Community Outreach
  • Sacramental Preparation ~ Provided for families who are guiding their children through the Roman Catholic Rites of Initiation. For more information, Contact, Charlotte Dickey, the Coordinator for Faith Formation
  • Celebration of the Eucharist weekly ~ Students and Faculty attend Mass every Wednesday for prayer and worship.


Spanish is taught in grades kindergarten through eight with an advanced level available in middle school. Students study vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing as well as dialogue.


The Fine Arts department fosters an interest in and appreciation of drama, theatre, and music through instrument playing, song and movement, art expression in the form of poetry, water color, weaving, pottery, pencil sketching and design. Art History in grades six through eight explores various periods and world artists. Collaborative learning takes place by students participating in field trips, curriculum fairs, and celebrations.

Physical Education

The Physical education curriculum develops fine and gross motor skills and fosters sportsmanship and team building. St. John also offers an intermural style sports program for grades K4-Grade 5 including flag football, basketball, and soccer.


St. John School provides quality Catholic education within a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment. The integral use of technology accommodates this mission. Technology is not just taught… it is used to teach!

The school is outfitted with a computer network, a high speed internet connection, twelve interactive Smartboards, one-one iPad® program grades, 5 – 8, and MacBook® for teacher use. We have made a substantial investment this year by upgrading the server. All buildings are connected with fiber optics.

The school has its own website to include general information, communication from administration and teachers, and a photo gallery of activities and events. In addition to our general website, we use PowerSchool, an online service, to post grades and progress reports for parental access.

The computer lab is equipped with twenty-six student computers and one teacher station. The teacher’s station video display is projected on an interactive screen. All grades are scheduled for weekly instruction but use the lab throughout the day during open time slots. The classroom teacher and lab instructor collaborate on writing assignments, projects and activities, which correlate with and enhance classroom curricula. Proper and appropriate research on the Internet, Power-Point® presentations, keyboarding, word processing, and spreadsheets are among the many skills students master over nine years at St. John Catholic School.

This year St. John decided to create a common planning for all teachers at the end of the school day.  This motivated our decision to end our day at 2:30, allowing administration the opportunity to develop an in-house professional development plan.  All teachers are required to participate in lesson plan building and curricula mapping in order to allow for cross curricula integration across the campus.

Academic Formation Highlights:

  • High Academic standards
  •  Enrichment and Resource Programs
  • State of the Art Science and Computer Labs
  • Foreign Language (Spanish)
  • Art and Music Programs
  • Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation
  • Florida State Certification
  • Teacher ongoing educational programs
  • Maker Space Media Center