Tuition and Fees

St. John Catholic School is a vital mission of St. John the Evangelist Parish. The actual projected cost per student, grades Preschool-8th for the new year, is cost-based. Hence, the tuition and fees reflect our commitment to fiscal responsibility and accountability. St. John Catholic Church and the other Catholic parishes support the school by subsidizing our school budget. This collaborative effort ensures that Christ’s mission of Evangelization within the greater Panama City area will remain vibrant. All parents enrolling their children will need to commit themselves to the conditions below in order for us to fulfill our stewardship of Catholic education.

  1. All new families must sign up for F.A.C.T.S. Tuition Management Plan by completing an enrollment form at the time of registration. Returning families that currently have an existing account will not need to create a new one. For assistance, in signing up, please contact Tonya Thompson, St. John Catholic School Office Manager at 850-763-1821. F.A.C.T.S.
  1. The Registration Fee is $200.00 (and $50.00 for each additional child) for Returning Families; however, the Fee will increase to $250.00 (and $50.00 for each additional child) on March 1.
  1. Any Families with a balance due on their Tuition or After Care/Morning Care Accounts for the previous school year must have a zero balance in their account before they are eligible for registering for the next school year. Call Tonya, our Office Manager at 850-763-1821 to rectify this matter and avoid waiting lists.
  2. There is a Textbook & Technology/Supply Fee of $250 per child (K5 – 8th grade).
  3. Registration documents without registration fees will be set aside until the fee is paid. If the fee is not paid by March 1, the fee will be $250.00 for the first child and $50.00 for each additional child. We do anticipate waiting lists.

Tuition Rates 2018-2019

1 Child

Registration Fee: $250.00

Tuition Rate: $6,200.00

2 Children

Registration Fee: $300.00

Tuition Rate: $11,300.00

3 Children

Registration Fee: $350.00

Tuition Rate: $15,700.00

4 Children

Registration Fee: $400.00

Tuition Rate: $19,800.00

*Paid in full discount of 5% if paid by June 1st


$5,750.00 (Full day) – *7:40am-2:45pm

$3,600.00 (Half day) – *7:40am-11:00am

*VPK Voucher Program 7:40am-11:00am

-Vouchers must be applied for through the Early Learning Coalition of North West Florida Click Link to apply – http://www.elcnwf.org/families/vpk/