St. John's Uniform Policy

St. John Catholic School expects the students to follow the uniform policy on all school days in keeping with the pride we have in our school and ourselves. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that students come to school in proper uniform. If students violate the uniform policy, parents will be contacted to bring the child appropriate clothing. Constant uniform violations may result in disciplinary action. All uniform items are available through Lands End® online.  St. John preferred school number is 900035320.

If you prefer to shop locally, Zoghby’s Uniforms has our new uniform items available as well.

Wednesday Chapel Dress

(Chapel Dress is now mandatory, January 6, 2015.)

* Due to semi-tropical weather, Chapel Dress consists of everything stated without the blazer from August 15 – December 14 and March 16 – June 15. The blazer is mandatory for 8th Grade (Optional for Students, Grade 6 & 7) during our cold season (December 15 – March 15). Students, Grade 6 & 7 may wear a sweater vest, crew neck sweater, or V-neck sweater in lieu of the blazer.

The looks below represent a clean Chapel Dress assemble. Keep in mind to have an oxford blue shirt ready for all Wednesdays of the month when putting together your Chapel Dress look.

(Girls, K – Grade 5)

Option 1: Blue blouse with plaid jumper and a navy cross tie.
Option 2: Blue blouse with plaid skirt or skort and a navy or plaid necktie.

(Girls, Grades, 6 – 8)

Same as K-5th, but without the jumper.

(Boys, K – Grade 8)

Blue oxford shirt with plaid necktie and either khaki or navy shorts or pants.

Daily Wear ~ (Grades, K – 5)

  • Shirts must be a navy or green polo with the school logo.
  • They can be worn with a choice of either a navy blue, khaki, or navy/green plaid skirt or skort, or khaki or navy shorts or pants.
  • They may also wear a plaid jumper with a blouse.
  • Girls in Grades 1st-3rd may wear a blue or green polo dress with logo.
  • Shirts must always be tucked in.
  • Shirts must be a navy blue or green polo with logo or a blue oxford shirt with logo.
  • Shirts can be worn with khaki or navy shorts or pants.
  • Shirts must always be tucked in and with a belt if there are belt loops.

Daily Wear ~ (Grades, 6 – 8)

Same as above, but with no jumper.

Same as above.

  • Navy Fleece Jackets or Windbreaker
  • Navy Sweater Vests
  • Navy Sweaters
  • Solid Navy Sweat Shirts (no print of any kind)
  • Outerwear with logo can be purchased from either Zoxby’s, Lands End, or a store of your choosing.
  • Outwear can be without logo but needs to be completely solid navy blue.
  • No other embellishments allowed.
  • Socks must be worn.
  • Acceptable colors are white, navy blue, and green. No black.
  • Must be crew length or knee length. No ankle socks.
  • In cold weather, girls may wear blue, green, or white tights. No leggings.
  • No light up shoes, sparkly shoes, or exposed toes.
  • Small logo like a Nike swoosh is acceptable.
  • Everyday wear: Navy Blue or Black tennis shoes, deck shoes (such as Sperry’s), or flats.
  • Chapel dress: Black, Brown, or Navy Deck shoes or dress shoes only. No tennis shoes of any kind.
  • If belt loops are on clothing, a brown or black belt must be worn.
PE Attire – Middle School
  • Solid black athletic shorts knee length or longer
  • School T-shirt
  • Solid Colored Sweatpants


Grooming and Enhancements
  • Hair is to be kept pulled back and away from the face.
  • Boy’s hair should not touch the top of the collar.
  • No nail polish.
  • No make-up.
  • No hair-dye.
  • Only one pair of stud earrings allowed and a religious themed necklace.
  • Watches are okay, if not distracting.